Ruben Lakay

I’m 21 years old; I work for Johnson & Associates for 15 months now. I just want to tell you a few things about myself, and the things I have experience in my life. For 7 years I was involved in Satanism I was worshiping the devil, idols and demons. As a young man I did not realize what I was doing till I got in trouble with the police in 2005, my friend and I was charged with assault. I was arrested and put into jail. I needed an attorney and met Mrs Johnson who became my attorney. She introduced me to her husband Rodney Johnson who became my counsellor. He helped work through my problems. At first it was strange not to walk the dark night looking for some sin, but I worked through it and got all the help I needed from FLRC, they motivated me, gave me things, never received, love, care and understanding and family support. I changed and am thank full to God that he kept on loving me and giving me a new start. Never did I receive something good in what I did. Regrets and hate from other people, some still see me in who I was but God and I will show them another picture. My storey was published in the Grabouw Herald and I was branded the towns' "satanist". I was angry at first because we where not suppose to be exposed, we thought that no one could see what we did and we departed from each other. None of us ever made contact with each other again, after we saw the newspaper I decided to stay away and never to return again.
I changed and am very happy where I am now. I was nothing, I looked like nothing and felt like nothing, now I am something and know that I’m special and loved. Attack’s from the devil I still get, but I know his ways of doing he wont get me where he had me, I’m stronger and wiser and loving freedom, being in a cult u feel caught, scared and always worried about something, what you do is wrong and that will haunt you. You lose your self respect and family and God. And that is the most important three things in life. I know I have lots to work at still, but I have a reason to live and I have dreams and goals. I went back to night school to finish my matric and I am soon going to write my learners/drivers licence. I am glad that I have decide to choose life. It's never too late to make the right choices.

So make the best of your life that’s what I learned.   
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