"I Nearly lost my life because of "TIK" and I want to step out and speak out against this lethal, deadly killer that is robbing young children of their youth. - I made a choice to live again - Here is my story."
Hi there everybody I want to share my story with people out there especially the young children because I must tell you that it was a very ugly experience. I start using TIK about six months ago and showed all the signs which the experts predicted would only happen within three years of using this drug so you can imagine how dangerous this drug called is. My friends and me made it a weekend thing so it was 'lekker' but it got boring because it wasn't enough, we wanted more. I had this other friend whom I met on the train I have known him for say two years and we started to become almost like brother and sister and he truly is an awesome guy. Well we didn't see each other for a long time but when we got back together he told me something and guess what it was "he told me that he was peddling drugs". I told my friends and that was when the trouble started. My friends and me started to get the drug for cheaper because I was like connected with the merchant. Afterwards we did on the train before we went to work in the morning, at first we only did it every Friday but that wasn't enough for me, it made me feel so "lekker" at work and I was so energetic, but when I wasn't using it I didn't feel like doing anything. After a while I became so use to it that I did it everyday and the best part was that I was getting it for free but I had to give something in return and that was sex. He even gave me some to take home with me at night because I told him that I couldn't go without it then when I came home I would go straight to my friends house and then we would get started immediately and we would sit there say till eleven at night and I had to get up at five in the morning, and you could only imagine how I had to look "WASTED" .I even to lie about going to work I would pretend going taking the taxi but I'd get off at the merchants house that five in the morning when I get there we would first use some TIK say about half a gram it is a lot but for me it was only like a drop in the ocean, after that we would get in bed I'd give him what he want and then when we were done then we would sit in his room the whole day and TIK us "lam" and at the time doing what I was doing seemed like there was nothing else better. The "merchants" girlfriend and two of her friends even assaulted me once but I didn't even worry about that as long as I was getting my stuff I didn't care. One Thursday his girlfriend caught us in bed and all hell broke lose, she went straight to my mother and I went to one of his friends to hide away I didn't wanna go home cause I knew that my parents would kill me after that. I stayed at his friend's house for the whole weekend, at night he would come fetch me and in the morning he would take me back to his friend's house. I went home the Sunday morning after my parents called me almost a hundred times begging me to come home but I was too afraid that they was going to hit me. I used such a lot of TIK and ECSTACY that I looked like the walking dead. After my parents promised me that they was only going to talk to me I went home, when I got there they talked to me and I got so paranoid that I almost went crazy, when my friends saw me they were so shocked that they instantly decided that they isn't going to use DRUGS no more and I must tell u if u were to see how I looked you would've been just as terrified as they were. I started to pull al kinds of funny faces, twitching my eyes, talking to myself, having conversations with trees, cars or anything standing in front of me I even started to bump my head against the walls I was just like a "MALLETJIE". The next day my parents brought me to "TEEN STREET RESCUE"
I have been here for four weeks now and to tell u the truth I don't even feel like going back home because I came to grow so fond of these people here at this place in such a short period of time. I started to show results in my first week of being here and I am still going strong. I have also learnt a lot, one thing in particular is "LOVE IS FREE" you don't always have to give to receive. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank RODNEY and his team for everything that they have done for me so far, THANX GUYS!!!!!!!!!!



For more information contact : wecare@flrc.co.za or call Cell: 082 610 6022